Vegetarian Low FODMAP Recipes

IBS Curo is dedicated to bringing information, tips, advice and delicious recipes to help those who are following the wonderful ‘Low FODMAP Diet’. Created by a group of scientists from Monash University in Melbourne, the ‘Low FODMAP Diet’ has been a real revelation for IBS sufferers around the world.

The  diet is able to reduce the symptoms of IBS in over three quarters of sufferers.  It does so by tackling the causes of the bloating, discomfort and motility issues faced many sufferers.  The diet does not cure IBS, but it does allow you to live a life free of the constant discomfort of IBS.

Low FODMAP Recipes

We are adding low FODMAP recipes daily, to ensure that the diet is does not feel like a diet at all.  While the diet does require restriction and a touch of discipline, one look through our list of recipes will show you that, the diet is still rich and full of sumptuous treats.  Not only are these recipes delicious, we have tried to keep them healthy and practical.  To go straight to recipes - Click here

Low FODMAP Opinions

We do not wish to sell you the diet, however we have provided articles from around the world to highlight the increasing popularity of the diet.  This is not one of the many fad diets which come and go.  This a real diet, with scientific reasoning behind it, which is being worked on and improved every day.

Vegetarian Low FODMAP Recipes
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