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Low FODMAP Diet - Health Grills from Amazon.com

George Foreman GGR50 Indoor/Outdoor Grill

Grilling really can't get much easier than this. After assembling the grill (which takes only a few minutes), simply plug it in and allow about 10 minutes to fully preheat the surface while you gather your steaks, kebabs, or whatever's to be grilled. The electric heat has an adjustable range from low (for keeping food warm) to high (for searing steaks).

The nonstick grill surface not only means you can use a minimum of added fat, but it also makes cleanup a cinch. The surface has a subtle slope, with channels that draw accumulated fat or other liquids into a tray just below the surface. The high domed and vented lid helps create a circular flow of hot air to ensure even cooking--particularly important for a large roast or whole chicken

Aroma Housewares ASP-137 3-in-1 3-Quart Super Pot with Grill Plate, White/Black

Online Review:

I have had this for over a year and it has held up pretty well. I have used it to grill, simmer, steam, and boil. I have cooked burgers, fish, chicken breasts, cornish hens, seafood, soups, and stews.

The inside surface has peeled a little in some places but has held up well overall. I love the temperature control so you know at what temperature you are cooking your food. It gets hot pretty quickly and maintains temperature well.

George Foreman GR144 144-Square-Inch Nonstick Family-Size Grill, Silver

Online Review:

Got this George Foreman grill as a gift. Promptly grilled sausages last night, bacon this morning, a panini this afternoon and hamburgers this evening!

It's a super versatile appliance - heats up rapidly, cooks food evenly and swiftly. I like how it comes with 2 drip trays to catch all the fat you won't be eating! Also the two spatulas are helpful. Will be using this constantly! Can't wait to try salmon, veggies, etc. Only drawback - short cord - but understand that could be a safety feature. Love this grill!

The Low FODMAP Diet - Health Grills

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