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Low FODMAP Recipe: Salad of Cured Sardines


Serves 4 for a light lunch or a starter

For the sardines:

sardines 8 whole, gutted and filleted

oranges 2, juiced

red chilli 1, seeds removed, sliced thinly

caster sugar 1 tsp

smoked paprika a pinch

sea salt 2 tbsp

For the chicory:

chicory 2 heads, roots removed and leaves separated, discard any bruised leaves

white wine 100ml

white wine vinegar 100ml

water 100ml

caster sugar 100ml

sea salt

To serve:

watercress 100g, washed and picked

rocket leaves 100g, washed and picked

orange 1, cut into segments


To prepare the sardines, place all the ingredients in a bowl and allow to marry together for 2 hours and no more than 5. When you are ready to eat and serve, taste the fish and season.

To prepare the chicory, place all the liquids, sugar and salt into a small pan and bring to the boil over a medium heat. Meanwhile place the chicory leaves into a container that will hold them and the liquid. Pour the boiling liquid over the chicory, making sure the chicory is submerged. A piece of clingfilm will help. Allow the chicory to cool and use, or place in the fridge for up to a week. To eat the chicory, drain on some kitchen paper and serve.

To serve, divide the watercress, rocket, chicory and orange segments between four starter bowls. Drain the sardines; reserve the juice. Share out the fish and dress the salad. Serve with a jug of the juice on the side.

Nathan Outlaw is chef patron of the two-Michelin star restaurant Nathan Outlaw, Rock, Cornwall

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