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Do you need a Dietitian for the Low FODMAP Diet

Before proceeding we must declare that we have no vested interests in the following recommendation.  We have no links or ties to dieticians no do we stand to make financial gain from our recommendations.

It is very hard in this day and age to find information which does not contain an agenda.  We write from the perspective of IBS sufferers, we write from experience and feel passionately about maintaining the independence of our voice, so with that in mind,  do you need a dietician for the FODMAP diet?


While we all have varying levels of understanding of diet and digestion, to truly benefit from the Low FODMAP diet we strongly urge you to seek out a good Registered Dietitian.  We completely understand that not everyone has the means, however for those that do, the expertise of an experienced Dietitian is invaluable.

Any form of restricted diet may lead to other complications and there are risks with IBS that your diet as a whole may suffer.  A dietitian will be able to guide you through the minefield of IBS and give you the clarity of understanding required to get the best from this wonderful diet.

Low FODMAP works for around 75% of all IBS sufferers, even if you fall outside of that 75% a dietitian will be able to assist you with the nuances of restricted diets.  The net result for each outcome is that you will feel better. Good diet can help you on so many levels, beyond what most people recognise.

Some IBS sufferers feel that diet bears no relation to their IBS, and we must too confess that we laboured under that miscomprehension for many years, however the truth was that time after time we tried the wrong diet.  A good dietitian can save you so much time and heartache when finding the right dietary path for you.

For many sufferers, effective treatment will extend beyond diet, IBS can effect you lifestyle, general health and psychology.  We wholeheartedly accept that diet in isolation may not be enough, however if you are serious about tackling IBS and you have the means, contact a Registered Dietician as soon as you can.

Calling all Registered Dietitians

We would like to make it easier for our readers to find you !  We have readers around the world so wherever you come from we would like to here from you.

This is a free service, as we wish to maintain our independent voice.  All we require from you is your business contact details for display on pages we will be building shortly.

Please complete the contact form and we shall be in touch.  Regards IBS Sano

Calling all Registered Dietitians

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