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50g unsalted lactose/dairy free butter

140g plain gluten and dairy free biscuits

For the filling

enough vegetarian gelling agent for 1 pint of liquid or 4 gelatine leaves

400g lactose/dairy free double cream

100g light muscovado sugar

50g dark muscovado sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract, pinch sea salt

400g lactose free cream cheese

icing sugar, for dusting


Gently melt the lactose free butter in a small pan over a low heat. Place the gluten and dairy free biscuits in a plastic bag and crush to fine crumbs using a rolling pin; you can also do this in a food processor. Tip them into the pan with the melted lactose free butter, stir to coat, then transfer to a 20cm springform cake tin (9cm deep). Using the back of a spoon, press them into the base, making sure you seal the edges. Place in the fridge while you prepare the next stage.

If using leaf gelatine**, place in a bowl, cover with cold water, soak for 5 mins, then drain. Pour 3 tbsp boiling water over the soaked gelatine and stir to dissolve. If using a sachet, see tip, below.

Place the lactose free cream in a small pan with the muscovado sugars and a pinch of sea salt, then gently heat, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon until the mixture liquefies and the sugar has dissolved. Give the mixture a quick whisk to get rid of any lumps. It should be warm, roughly the same temperature as the gelatine solution. Stir the gelatine and vanilla extract into the lactose free cream mixture, transfer to a bowl and cool.

Place the lactose free cream cheese in a food processor and whizz until smooth, then add the lactose free cream mixture and whizz again. Pour this on top of the cheesecake base. Cover with cling film and chill overnight.

Run a knife around the sides of the tin, then undo the clip and remove it. Transfer to a plate or leave the cheesecake on the base for ease of serving. Dust with icing sugar. Cover and chill until required..

Recipe adapted from: Good Food

Vegetarian - Gluten Free and Low FODMAP Recipe - Caramel cheesecake
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**Tip If using powdered gelatine, sprinkle it onto about 3 tbsp of boiling water in a small bowl, leave for 3-4 mins, then stir to dissolve. If the gelatine has not completely dissolved, stand the bowl in another bowl of just-boiled water for a few mins, then stir again. Alternatively, set the bowl over a pan with a little simmering water in it.