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Global Low FODMAP Recipes

We have included some wonderful recipes from around the world to keep your low FODMAP diet full of variety.  We do however feel, that we should explain that while we have included recipes from countries such as India and Mexico, by and large the food from these countries are rich in FODMAPs.  

Try to find an onion/yogurt free Indian Recipe, or an avocado/sour cream free Mexican recipe and you will see our point.  We have modified recipes from both countries, however we urge you to look at Asia for the bulk of your Low FODMAP diet.

Although garlic and spring onions appear frequently in Asian dishes, they are far easier to replace or replicate.  The majority of dishes are dairy and gluten free, naturally and they still pack bags of flavours.

Variety is indeed the spice of life, and it is vital to enjoy as wide a variety of nutrition as possible.  So please enjoy these lovely recipes, with the above in mind.  Thank you!