Low FODMAP Recipe : Potato and Pesto Salad

I had made a pesto from rocket and spinach a couple of days previous for a pasta dish, and still had half of the pesto leftover.  To make the pesto I’d used:

50g each of the rocket and basil which is a large handful of each

approximately half a cup of freshly grated parmesan

2-3 tablespoons of pine nuts

1 or 2 teaspoons of garlic infused oil

and enough olive oil to bring it all together as a thick bout pourable consistency

All the ingredients went into a blender, but a pestle and mortar would do the job too.  I usually have a taste and add more parmesan if it’s not quite salty enough or garlic oil if required.

To make the dressing for the potato salad I mixed my leftover pesto with some shop-bought mayonnaise (I prefer whole-egg) and thinned it all down with a little water.  Sometimes I find mayonnaise on its own a little sharp and add a small amount of sour cream, such as with a Cos coleslaw; it works for us but is completely optional.

When it came to the vegies I quartered and steamed small new potatoes until they were tender, then let them cool.  I dropped some green beans into boiling water just until they turned bright green and then quickly got them in iced water to stop them cooking further.  I cut the beans into bite-sized pieces and gently tossed them with the potatoes and dressing, before putting it all into a serving bowl.  Just to pretty things up a bit I added a few halved grape tomatoes to the top of the salad.

I think this salad could go in a variety of directions, maybe make a traditional basil pesto, include roasted capsicum or perhaps pumpkin or sweet potato (stick to <cup per serve if mannitol is an issue for you).

I would love to hear what you try!

Cheers, Nat

PS: for those of you around the eastern side of Melbourne, Victoria, you can check out The low FODMAP cookbook at “Go Vita” health shop at Knox City shopping centre!

From : http://www.lowfodmap.com/pesto-potato-salad/

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