Low FODMAP Recipe - Viennese Biscuits


• 250g unsalted butter/ dairy free alternative

• 55g icing sugar

• 225g Doves Farm of plain flour

• 75g corn flour

• 300g dark chocolate (optional)


Cream together the softened butter and sugar and add the flour and cornflour to make a paste.

Traditionally they are piped biscuits with a large star nozzle but can also be placed in small spoonfuls onto baking parchment and flattened.

Bake until golden brown leave to cool on wire rack.

Melt chocolate and dip one half of each biscuit into the chocolate and leave to harden.

Temperature & cooking time:

170 for 15-20 mins

Dietary status:

Without Gluten .

Please note: Dietary status is a guideline only. If you have a food allergy, please check the suitability of your ingredients.

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